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Honour Roll

Roll of Honour

So many of you have helped make The Good Stitch a reality, and we'd like to thank all of you. Everybody who pledged to our Crowdfunder campaign, all you lovely people who have donated materials, furniture, time, sweat, advice and cups of tea... THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything, we've added all your names to our Roll (roll... get it... like a roll of fabric... no? ...okay) of Honour. If you have been missed, please get in touch and we will apologise profusely and add you on.

DSC_0313 (2).jpg

Derek and Susan Halliday

Louise Birchall

Orla Thorne

Natasha Pater

Lachele Brennan

Deb Highfield

Jackie Orton

Sharon D and Janet W

Anabel Cano

Hayley Croome

Hannah Horan

Humphrey George Walwyn

Rebecca McCardle

Jo Bishop

Jane Hawthorn &

Will Applebee


Nancy Hawthorne

James Hawthorne

Jacqui Edwards

Vasiliki Machaira


Oliver Withers

Celia Withers

Sarah Byrne

Linda Hoddy

Ellie Savidge

Catherine Manning

Chris Baigent

Milly Conway

Natalie Sewell

Matt Sewell

Marilla Walker

Tracy Thew

Ian Thew

Ellie Bond

Mark Cunningham

James Hart

Fiona Campbell

Sophie Campbell

David Agius

Alan & Georgie Hodgson

Velia Ansorg

Heather Leonard

Alex Halliday

Worthing Herald

Mary de Silva 

Lou's Carpet Tiles

Fiona Bradshaw

Dianne Bowles

Pam Wilson

Josie Nicholas

Josephine Pateman

Sophie Larcher

Hayley Dempster

Lyndal Reed

Julia P Haulkham

Andy Halliday &

Aye Thandar Wai

Trudy Wyatt

Lindy Hinsley Wintle

Gill and Paul Withers

Izzy Circou

Alex Burke

Heledd Gwynn

Ian and Wendy Halliday

Imogen Lawson-Evans

Fiona Ramasami

Steve Wallace

Hazel Imbert

Cathy Gray

Creative Waves

Nadia Chalk

Nessy Breen

Scott's Signs

Scarlett Cox

Chrissi Savage

Naomi Stipp

Ann Funk

Yvonne Underhill

Anna Vartiainen

Holly Harkness

Simon & Sam Halliday

Bryony Crane


Rachael Kay

Garry Craven

Emily McCunn

Claire Lemmon

Debs Butler 

Eleanor Tipler

Sophie Mutter

Marion Cook

Claire Wilson

Jacci Rhodes Jury

Fiona Merritt

Sue Partington

Sheila Joel

Cathy Randell

Donna Bovaird

Dawn Smith

Kirstin Hill

Bryony Clayden

Caroline Osella

Harriet Spain

Sally Lemsford

Ola Wiebe

Sarah H

Sara & Andy Stagg

Daniela Maria Gargiulo

Christina Hicks

Cathy Johnson

Joanne Carey

Katie Irving

Hove Bazaar


Maddy Mills

Nicola Wragg

Sally Chambers

Martina Pencakova

Matthew Evans

James & James 

Dorothy Rhodes

Jean and Bruce Halliday

Caroline and Tim Edwards

Carol Jones

Jacqueline Cattaneo

Mena Duggins

Jennifer Graham

Margaret Haigh

Jo Crease

Kirsten Buckmaster

Cathy Johnson

Wendy Howland

Jo Knowles Lee

Aiste Best

Carol Dengate

Sharon and Barry de Courcy

Lee Hollobone

The Soap Hut

Sue Sherwood

Jessica Hodson-Walker

Caroline Faller

Hanna Mawbey

Kathleen Wynn-Davies

Kay Whitehouse

Vitya Kirin

Jackie Usher

Jake Clark

Stella Turner

Gina Deen

Nat West Back Her Business

Jasper Hargreaves

Mary Penn

Kate Carleysmith

Catherine Woolley

Tessa James

Karly Blackford

Paula Ley

Stephanie Jane Robinson

Beth Maiden Photography

Allysia Murray

Emily Botterman

Terry Rance

Linda Brown

Kiran and Tom Locke

Sam Francis

Lynn Woodroffe

Naomi Frances

Mint Velvet

Harri Rands

Jack Rands

Linda Henley

Carole and Roger Harrison

Link to Hope

Jane Inglefield

Bruno Cicciarello

Jason Thomson

Independent Worthing

Katrina Musgrove

Russ and Tanja Iden

Sheila Bennett

Victoria Carling

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